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Promo Tools: Banners

LoveBBWCash provides a wide variety of promotional material. As soon as you join you'll have access to a large selection of banners.

We have created them in standard IAB sizes, as well as a selection in sizes that suit your needs, from buttons to banners, we have what you need to make more money.

Every LoveBBWCash site has a huge range of banner types from static through animated and themed designs, all designed to maximize traffic interaction and conversions.

We also supply easy to adapt customized coding so you can select a landing page that suits your traffic best.

Our banners and landing pages are aimed at creating more conversions - which means more revenue for you.

You have an opportunity to use both clean and adult creatives which means you are free to make the most of multiple advertising options and sources. All creatives were tested in-house and showed high CTR and efficiency – one more factor to contribute to maximized conversions!

Promo tools:Landing pages

Need more? At LoveBBWCash we have a growing library of pre-made landing page designs to suit your audience.

Not every site or network has the same needs, so we build them to suit you specifically.

These pages are designed to maximize conversions and earnings for you.

Tailored to your audience and available in multiple niches and color variations - we make them to help you earn more.

This library grows constantly based on affiliate feedback and requests. Custom design landing pages tailored to specific affiliates are also available.

Just as with banners, both clean and adult creatives are available for use within landing pages. It gives you the opportunity to increase your advertising potential tenfold! You will be impressed by the impact of the creatives and amazed by your earnings!

Marketing tools

Need a tool you can't find in our webmaster area? Just ask! Our staff can take care of all reasonable requests from top webmasters. We have the staff available to fulfill most requirements.

From landing pages specifically designed for your traffic, or banners suited to your audience, we are here to help create higher conversions and to multiply your profits!

LoveBBWCash also provides up to date statistics so you can watch your profits grow, or so you can try new banners and new landing pages to make more money than ever before.

Just ask us for help as we have affiliate support managers available to help make you more money.

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Lovebbwcash Affiliate Network Ltd Internet affiliate marketing tools

Effective promo tools for the network affiliate partners
To make Internet affiliate marketing more efficient and cost-effective, Lovebbwcash Affiliate Network Ltd provides all Internet affiliate partners with various promo tools, including ready-to-use banners, landing pages and other marketing tools.