1. What is the LoveBBWCash affiliate program?

The LoveBBWCash affiliate program offers webmasters the ability to make money by promoting one or more of our sites with quick access to our resources. Your application will be automatically approved and you will receive your affiliate login details by email. Sign up today!

2. How can I promote your sites? What types of traffic are not allowed?

Advertising Cupid plc sites and services through the use of e-mail or links within e-mail is not permitted. Cupid plc reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate any affiliate account without further notice or pay if it is discovered that the affiliate (or someone acting on his behalf) has violated this rule. If you would like to promote any of Cupid plc’s sites by e-mail please send a request to affiliates@lovebbwcash.com. Any email marketing which is not previously approved by Cupid, including spamming of any sort and violation of any of the applicable rules and regulations will result in an immediate ban from the affiliate program without pay. It is your responsibility to obtain a copy of our Email policy guidelines before you start promoting any of our campaigns via email marketing. You may get a copy of the guidelines here.

3. What is the difference between Pay Per Sale, Pay Per Lead and Percentage programs?

Here are the programs we offer:

1. Pay Per Sale program - You get paid for every initial full membership your traffic generates. Your payment does not depend on the price of the sale and has a set value according to the site and geo being promoted. Pays up to $130 per full membership order.

2. Pay Per Trial program – You get paid for every initial order that your traffic generates. This includes both trials and full memberships. Payments are set based on site and geo, not the order price. Pays up to $80 per order.

3. Pay Per Lead Program - Every free registration your traffic generates can earn you up to $18.5. The commission rate depends on your traffic conversion rate from free registration to full membership sale. We offer both double-opt in (web traffic) and single-opt in (mobile traffic) options.

4. Revenue Share program – This program combines per lead and per sale payouts, allowing you to earn an amazing 90% of each initial full membership sale that is generated by your traffic plus a bonus per free signup.

5. Referral program - do you know other webmasters interested in making money? Have them join our referral program and you get paid 5% of everything they earn. It’s the easiest way to make money.

For more information click here.

4. What are the definitions for the terms "lead", "sale", and "trial" in your affiliate program?

We define a lead as a free registration. A sale is defined as a full membership sale of 1, 3, or 6 months bought by a new member plus all 3-day trials that have converted into a full month package. A trial is defined as a new 3-day membership order.

5. I'm working on PPL and have sent you five leads. Why I don't see any commission in my account?

You begin earning commission when your account reaches 1% conversion from free members to full membership sales. Pay Per Lead program is based on the percentage of sales that your traffic generates and is recalculated every 24 hours.

6. What does "pending" status mean? Why is my traffic pending for so long?

In most cases, your traffic is pending because your lead/sales traffic has some discrepancies and requires further assessment. It’s our policy to hold our affiliate partners accountable for managing the leads/sales generated from their network publishers and programs. Spam, incentivized, and self-generated leads will be grounds for immediate termination of the partnership.

7. What countries do you accept traffic from?

We accept traffic from the following countries: United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Ireland, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy, and Spain. If you have traffic coming from other countries, we will be glad to help you monetize it through our Traffic Back tool.

To find site-specific details about countries we accept click here.

8. What is traffic back manager?

Traffic back manager is a tool that helps you redirect traffic from the countries we do not accept. In order to use this tool just go to the Promotional Tools section and select Traffic Back manager. You will see the list of our sites and accepted countries. In the drop-down menu choose the site you would like traffic to be sent to and press submit. You will see how it appears in the list below. Then click the Enable button, indicate the URL where your non-accepted geo traffic will be going, then confirm the changes by clicking the "Update" button. When this process is complete your affiliate links will be updated. Go back to Promo Tools Section and take the updated links to use in your campaigns.

9. Where can I see my stats and how often are they updated?

We accept traffic from all countries, but please keep in mind that our sites are in English. Italian or Japanese traffic, for instance, will result in low or no conversion at all. As we would like you to earn a lot with LoveBBWCash, we advise that you use the traffic generated by English-speaking people from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This will show good conversion and bring a high commission to you.

10. How can I add subID to my URL to track different sources?

We use the parameter "data1" as the subID in our campaigns. It is added at the end of your link. Example: http.://youruniquelink&data1=123456, where 123456 can be any combination of letters and numbers that you like, up to 25 characters. No special characters allowed except for _ and -. If your traffic is coming from many different sources, it is a good way to filter it and optimize each source. To see the statistics in the breakdown by data1 please go to the transactions report, click the advanced filter button. This will display the field where you can insert your subID and export the filtered data to xls, xml, csv files.

11. How is the number of visitors who came via my affiliate link counted?

When you become our affiliate, you will receive a unique ID number, which will be present in every link code of promotional materials. This ID number is used for tracking the source of traffic and the correct payment to you as an affiliate.

12. How can I place a pixel?

Go to the promo tools section and select pixels. Complete the filter fields and submit your pixel. Contact your affiliate manager for pixel approval. Affiliate manager approval is required before the pixel is functional.

13. What do I do if I forget or lose my password?

If this happens, please click here or you can contact us affiliates@lovebbwcash.com. Our team will help you sort out the problem quickly.

14. What amount do I need to earn before I can receive a payment? What payment methods can I choose?

The minimum amount for payment available by Paxum or Payoneer is $100. The minimum payment available by wire is $1,000. If you do not reach this value within a month, then the entire sum is carried over until you reach the minimum for payment according to your payment type. Commission payments are made once a month, 15 days after the last day of each month, for all approved commissions.

15. Is there a charge for becoming an LoveBBWCash affiliate?

Not at all! It's absolutely free. Not a penny.

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